Hear The Call

In life, we are constantly presented with lessons, specifically designed to help us grow and evolve. These lessons are simply reminders, of what we already know, but for whatever reason, have forgotten along the way. They help us to remember, the truth, that resides within. To hear that call, which has become a distant echo, lost among the chaos we so often find ourselves surrounded by, in our day-to-day lives. We are however, incredibly fortunate, to be able to exist within the construct of this physical dimension. It is here, where we have the opportunity to accelerate our growth, by being able to connect with others, to share our individual experiences and all we have learned and gathered along the way, if we so choose. If we truly believed, or could even convince ourselves whole-heartedly, that all we are, is just an accidental accumulation of matter, aimlessly wandering through life without reason, we would simply not exist. There would be no desire, no push or pull to survive. We would be completely emotionless, with no interest to expand or to ‘be’ more than what we already are.However, life pulsates through our very being, delivering an effortless, ever-flowing surge of energy, granting us the permission of free will, to use it, as we so desire. This energy, just like all energy, is borrowed. It can not be taken, it can only be shared from ‘the source’ and will eventually be returned and redirected to wherever it is needed next. Yet, it seems we are so quick to forget, just how precious that energy field really is and how much we rely on it, in order to keep us ‘connected’ to this miracle of opportunity, we refer to as ‘Life’. Remember if you can, that we are Spirits, sparks of the divine, temporarily inhabiting these bodily vessels, in order to experience and understand ‘self’, in every infinitely-possible way, imaginable.Sometimes, I try to see through the ‘veil’ of my very own existence, trying to catch a glimpse of the Spirit or Soul that resides within. I feel it’s presence, like it is watching my every move. I imagine it to be an inquisitive and rather mysterious shadow, hiding in the dark, not wanting to be discovered, not wanting to unveil the illusive mystery that keeps me searching. Then I try to go deeper still, by taking into consideration, that my thoughts alone, must belong to ‘something’, much greater than and far beyond my own interpretation of ‘Self’. Suddenly, this delivers me to the assumption, that these thoughts are pure manifestations, created by something much more advanced and wiser than that of myself. Or could it be, that I have not yet fully understood, all that I am? Could ‘I’ be that mysterious shadow lurking in the dark, wanting to learn about ‘myself’? Could I be that mystery itself, questioning it’s own existence, but not entirely ready to expose it’s true identity? Am I simply afraid of knowing my true self or understanding all that I am? I guess therein lay the answer, as to why I keep searching for truth.

As we all know though, some truths can be incredibly difficult and challenging to accept at times. Especially if we don’t necessarily want to see, or believe we are ready to see, a particular truth at any given time. Sometimes, we simply become impatient and find ourselves ‘struggling’, because we want the answers to appear when it’s most convenient for us. However, we must, at some stage in our lives, learn to distinguish between fear and truth. With this in mind, it is inevitable, yet intrinsically vital, that we experience these differences first hand, to completely understand what we need to, in order to move forwards and evolve. Particular circumstances will therefore manifest into form, allowing us the opportunity to apply what we have already learned in hope that we can ‘pass the test’, so we don’t have to keep repeating the same lessons, over and over again. Whether we come from a place of love (truth), or a place of fear (ego), is entirely our choice and our choice alone.It is only when we stop feeding the ego and starve it of what it desires, that it begins to lose it’s power. In order to see the ego for what it is, requires an awareness of ‘Self’ and self awareness encourages us, to look within. It is always there to welcome us into it’s home (the heart), with open arms, though it is entirely up to us, as to how long we choose to stay. You can stand at the doorway and say “Maybe next time”, or you can visit now and then, if that suits you best. Or if you really like, you can move in permanently. The choice is yours. However, in this home, we automatically become ‘one’ with ourselves again, and when that happens, all of those truths and answers you seek, become incredibly clear. So clear in fact, that you won’t see the point in leaving home ever again.Even still, it doesn’t matter how comfortable you may feel at ‘home’, or how safe you may think you are, there is always room for improvement within ourselves. To think we have reached our full potential, or that we have no more work to do on ourselves, is the master manipulator, Ego, playing tricks on us again. We can be presented with lessons, even in the comfort of our own home. People knocking on our door, some lost, some seeking refuge, or just wanting to experience that same comfort and luxury you have found for yourself. The lessons don’t stop here though and why should they? They simply shift and take entirely different form, once again. We can sometimes encounter intruders in our home. Sometimes, we trust too much and we allow people in, without ever realising they were thieves all along. People come and go, visitors of all kinds, bringing with them, an energy or ‘vibrational frequency’ that can at times, be extremely difficult to clean up after they are gone. Ultimately though, you will learn how to deal with different circumstances and learn to protect your home, without turning it into Fort Knox. I mean, if you’ve established a warm, cosy and welcoming home, you will want nothing more, than to share that space with others, right? Just draw clear boundaries and communicate your truth to others. If they do not want to hear your truth, kindly show them the door. Ultimately though, we all have to find our way back to our own home eventually.Do we not discover, every time, that the answers were there all along, just waiting to be remembered and found, yet again? Sometimes, in order to bring those truths to the surface, we are bound to muddy-up the waters, we prefer to keep still. All kinds of things can come up from the past. They are bound to. For nothing is ever lost, just sometimes left behind and forgotten about. However, in that stream, deep in those murky waters, we are bound to find some very ‘dark and nasty’ things about ourselves, we sometimes wish had just disappeared. If we allow it, our ego will judge and ridicule ourselves based on what we have found. Fear will force us to look away, to cover-up or conceal, parts of ourselves or our story, we do not wish to remember. If we held those things we fear so much and just observed, without judgement, without attachment to old beliefs or outcomes, could we not use these things to ‘remember’, to learn from and to make more favourable choices in the present? Could we not see, just by looking at past ‘mistakes’, how far we’ve really come? Or even perhaps, how far we still have to go? Without being aware of each and every facet of ourselves, including our darkest, ugliest, most hideous sides, how do we know what we really need to work on? Perfection is merely an illusion, so can we not learn to embrace that imperfection as beauty in itself?

With so much negativity happening around the world right now, I ask myself, “Why is this happening?”. “Can they not see that what they are doing is wrong?”. “Have they not learned anything at all from the past?”. So I go back home, into my heart and I search for truth. It is here where I discover once again, that all the important life lessons I have learned along the way, about myself and about life, were the very things which guided me to even be able to witness the endless beauty and riches I hold within. However, this discovery didn’t come about without first being shown, some very hard and painful truths about myself. A war went on for years, where my ego ruled over my higher self, leaving behind, a path of destruction and devastation as far as the eye could see. It was there, in that desolate landscape, where newness had a chance to grow. It was only after losing myself and straying from my truth for so long, that all I wanted, was to find my way back home. Losing myself was the very thing which reminded me of what I was searching for all along. Among the deafening silence, I was able to hear that distant call and know my way back home.My theory, is that human beings, individually and as a whole, whether we remember or not, are simply just trying to find our way back home. Sure, we all make ‘mistakes’, but really, we always know in our heart when we are making good or bad decisions. We can stray from our truth and we can get so tangled up with fear and ego, we tend to lose sight of what we are really fighting to achieve. Though in the end, we all want the same thing. To find that place we call home.Hear the call.